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László G. Boros, M.D.

Consultant, the Deutenomics Science Institute and SIDMAP, LLC 


Professor of Pediatrics, the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (retired - June 2021)

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Ferenc Péter Nádudvari, permission by Parents Anikó Lichtenberger and Ferenc Nádudvari, Budapest, Hungary

The Medicinal Biochemistry of Isotope Discrimination and Quantum Destabilization of Metabolic Water

What I Teach

The diverse biological separation processes of hydrogen from that of its twice as heavy isotope deuterium serves our health! The science field called Deutenomics with the Human Deutonome Project addresses such issues.
Awareness of heavy isotope discrimination helps life style, exercise and health related decisions, as deuterium varies in nutrients and the environment. 
My blogs and lectures are created to better understand cellular  energy (ATP) production by protecting its rapidly  rotating hydrogen powered protein "nanoturbines" from damages delivered by heavy isotopes during metabolic water production in cells and the mitochondria!

"... The door to TRMA was thus opened by Boros et al, who have pioneered the use of stable isotope-based dynamic metabolic profiling (SIDMAP) as a key to better understanding of changes in substrate flow as a basis for drug mechanisms and disease."

"Use of the powerful tools provided by SIDMAP .... provides the promise to address, perhaps in vivo, similar unanswered questions involving the molecular basis for disease."

Ralph Green, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C. PATH

University of California Davis

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