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Hydrogen-infused water: cart before the horse!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Publishing venue: Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC)

Author(s) and Title: Farr, C. Biohackers fell hard for a company selling hydrogen water, but many now say the whole thing was a scam

How It’s Depleted: Hydrogen atoms are concealed by covalent carbon bonds in nutrients in order to prevent their vehemently fervid reaction with oxygen, called the exploding gas phenomenon (1), upon joining each other to form water, practically anywhere in Nature. Molecular oxygen (O2), naturally in excess, on the other hand is carried in blood in two forms that involve 1) either partial molecular (covalent) bonds in hemoglobin or 2) a freely dissolved gaseous state. Oxygen, carried by the heme's iron bond, is consequently released to cells to enter the mitochondria and peroxisomes in order to form low deuterium metabolic water in and within the matrices of these cellular organs, exclusively; processes that serve metabolic health.

Deutenomics: Drinking artificially hydrogenated (protonated/deuterated) water deranges the body's concealment of hydrogen from its highly exposed oxygen supply, carried in blood, on one hand, while also consuming, hence wasting oxygen up before it could reach mitochondria, on the other. Hydrogenated water also introduces a highly unreliable/unpredictable/obscure source of deuterium into the circulation, just to form highly protonated and/or deuterated, therefore restructured water, while consuming oxygen up early, i. e. before it reaches the inner mitochondrial/peroxisomal compartments to form low deuterium metabolic water from natural fat sources, preferentially (1, 2). Hydrogen-infused water acts like the cart before the horse, i. e. it introduces protons into the circulation; a process contrary to the canonical order of "meeting" oxygen and hydrogen in cell compartments only with potentially ruinous effects on metabolism, deuterium depletion and health, otherwise.

It is more desirable to increase oxidative phosphorylation by increasing dissolved and hemoglobin-mediated oxygen transport by hyperbaric oxygen or ozone treatments in order to keep hydrogen concealed at all times in circulation for the sparing of oxygen for mitochondrial and peroxisomal metabolic water formation for healthier cells and life!




Keywords: Hydrogen concealment; Deuterium; Hemoglobin; Metabolic water; Metabolic ketosis; Deuterium depletion; Deutenomics; Deutenomic data interpretation; Cellular metabolism; Mitochondria, Peroxisomes

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